Dr. Pablo Martinez - Psychiatrist

Dr. Pablo Martinez


He graduated in Medicine and specialized in Psychiatry at the University of Barcelona. He earned “Honours” degree in key subjects like Internal Medicine, Pathology or Psychiatry. During his training he was mentored by Dr. Monty Barker from Bristol and Dr. Graham Melville-Thomas from Cardiff.

His primary interest to help the person as a whole led him to contact Dr. Paul Tournier, founder of “Medicine of the Person” and one of the most influential Christian doctors in the 20th century. As a result of Tournier's deep influence, Dr. Pablo Martinez developed a clinical practice revolving between Psychosomatic Medicine and Existential Psychotherapy (searching for meaning in life).

He currently works at a private practice in Barcelona. Dr. Martinez is also a renowned international lecturer on subjects like grief, loneliness, depression, relationships, the therapeutic value of forgiveness or the relationship between mind and spirituality. He has also participated in numerous radio and television programs.

The international dimension of his work was recognized by the International Christian Medical & Dental Association (ICMDA) that appointed him as one of its vice-presidents (1998-2006). He has been a plenary speaker in several World and European Congresses of this Association.

He has done extensive teaching both at the University and at Theological Seminaries, specially on Pastoral Theology. Currently he leads the Professional Counsellors Network of the European Leadership Forum.

Author of numerous articles and several books, his literary work has been translated into 20 languages. In 2016 he received the “Person of the Year” Award from the Spanish “Alliance of Christian Writers and Communicators”. His latest book, Mad or God?, written jointly with Professor Andrew Sims, a world renowned authority in the field of psychopathology, was recently launched in Oxford.

Dr. Pablo Martinez summarizes the purpose of his clinical practice in four words that he calls the four steps in therapy:

1. Listen 2. Understand 3. Clarify 4. Give Hope

MEDICINE of the Person

Every person is a unity of body, psyche and spirituality inseparable in turn from the history of his life.
“Medicine of the Person, founded by the Swiss physician Paul Tournier, seeks to treat each pacient as a human being of great value.

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Existential anxiety: between faith and despair

There is a God-shaped void in the heart of each man...

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On Listening and Communication

«You hear with your ears, but you listen with your eyes.»

On Relationships and Dialogue

«Dialogue leads us to know; by knowing, we understand; and when we understand, we live together.»

About Words

«In the culture of “tweets” and “WhatsApp messages”, our words often sound hollow, as if lacking vigour, soul.»

About Words

«In this digital society we have to recover the word. Words with soul and life, words that transform people and situations.»

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