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Depression“I give up, I can´t go on; I feel like a battery that has run out of energy. I have lost interest over everything, including life. All my thoughts are negative and pessimistic. I do not see any future for me. I feel like I'm trapped in a deep pit without being able to get out. I would like to fight, but I cannot.”

Depression, in its different types, has become one of the main diseases of the 21st century. Most patients, however, respond well to treatment, especially when various therapeutic tools are used together (medications, psychotherapy, support). Thus it is possible to say again “good morning life”, instead of the painful “good morning, sadness”.

MEDICINE of the Person

Every person is a unity of body, psyche and spirituality inseparable in turn from the history of his life.
“Medicine of the Person, founded by the Swiss physician Paul Tournier, seeks to treat each pacient as a human being of great value.

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Dr. Pablo Martinez

Dr. Pablo Martinez - Psiquiatrist

Graduated in Medicine at the University of Barcelona, he runs a private practice. Renowned international lecturer, he has been a guest speaker in more than 35 countries. Author of several books translated into 20 languages.

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Existential anxiety: between faith and despair

There is a God-shaped void in the heart of each man...

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On Listening and Communication

«When two people really listen, they meet. This encounter changes us, remodels us, transforms us.»

On Relationships and Dialogue

«Dialogue is not a battlefield, but a field of cultivation; it does not seek to defeat but to sow.»

About Words

«Psychotherapy is the art of healing with the word.»

About Words

«Every word contains a force and a power that goes far beyond its mere meaning, like a sharp scalpel that can heal, but also destroy.»

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